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The Stella McCartney Lingerie Collection is crafted from luxurious fabrics – finest silks, organic cottons, leavers lace and georgette silk chiffon – in our signature palette of vintage pink, cream, blue and pearl grey. It was Stella McCartney’s passion for antique French slips that naturally led her to launch a lingerie collection in 2008. “Lingerie is an obsession of mine, I have been inspired by it for many years and have always used it in my work,” she explained at the time.

The collection – including bodysuits, chemises, camisole tops, shorts and all-in-ones – is full of naturally sexy, confident and modern designs, with exquisite attention to detail and fit. Pieces are made to be mixed and matched, bra straps designed to be seen, and briefs are low-rise and sexy. In 2012 we revealed an everyday lingerie collection, called Stella. Made from innovative new materials for a sensual, almost invisible feel, the range uses recycled metal hardware and organic cotton gussets, and is crafted using cutting edge technology for the smoothest, slimmest and most supportive styles possible.

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Q&A With Stella

What inspired you to start designing your own lingerie range?

It’s something that I am obsessed with! I have always been inspired by lingerie since an early age. I was obsessed with beautiful French slips, lace inlays and handwork… It was in my graduation collection at St Martins College and it’s been with me throughout my entire career. For me it’s the starting point of what you wear every day. I think there is this kind of myth that shoes are the first thing that dictates your outfit, but for me it’s lingerie.

Why is lingerie such an important part of a woman’s wardrobe?

For me, lingerie really is an important standpoint of a wardrobe and it has a big impact on how you wear your clothes, what you wear on top of your lingerie and how you feel in general.

What makes Stella McCartney Lingerie special?

I’m building on classics but also introducing new stories with lingerie you can wear every day. I’m really trying to produce a lingerie collection that expresses all the different sides of women today.

How would you describe the overall collection?

We have quite a lot of various stories within it. We have the sort of lingerie you can rely on everyday, it fits brilliantly and you can put it in the washing machine. Then we have exciting ranges for those days where you feel you want to give yourself a little bit more… and then we have the very special occasion lingerie.

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