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Stella McCartney Eyewear is a natural extension of the ready-to-wear collections with a modern, feminine and confident aesthetic. Made with bio-based materials, both sunglasses and optical eyewear embrace the brand’s sustainable philosophy. The collection is the result of extensive research into the use of raw materials from natural origins; over 50% of the materials used to create our eyewear are from natural sources.

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Q&A With Stella

How do you incorporate the eco-friendly philosophy of the brand in the eyewear range?

The greatest challenge was the amount of time that was spent on research and testing to get the best quality product possible with the highest performance in terms of resistance, while still maintaining the style and finish we always try to achieve. The eyewear collection is now made using bio-acetate composed of over 50% natural sources which I am very proud of. The product’s formula combines cellulose, the most common organic compound on Earth, which is renewable and biodegradable, together with natural plasticisers, which differ from DEP (Diethyl Phthalate), as they derive from citric acid, a natural substance obtained through a fermentation process.

How would you describe the sunglasses collection?

We play a lot with scale and try to compliment the face and take into account customer’s needs. We want to make a statement with the glasses but at the same time be wearable and timeless. I think it’s really important that sunglasses can come through with you over many years, be timeless. We are finding that balance where we have things you can live with forever and some that are much more specific and trend driven.

What made you want to launch an optical range?

Optical is more and more a part of fashion. If you actually take a moment to look around, you are surrounded by optical both as a necessity and a statement, It is exciting because it says something new, all ages express themselves through optical.

How would you describe the optical collection?

The collection is very classic, very timeless; the styles themselves are more on the masculine side of optical because that is something that personally I warm to. I also really wanted to play around with my own colours to offer a signature Stella McCartney colour palette.

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