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About Stella

Working at Stella McCartney is a truly rewarding experience. We have a strong ethical standpoint, we are leaders and innovators in our industry.

We bring energy to everything we do. We have an open-minded approach to growing our global community. We recognise shared values but different identities and backgrounds make for an exciting and driven working environment.

We hire only the very best talent. We attract people who want to make a difference in the world and constantly push themselves to greater achievements.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

At Stella McCartney, we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment in which all of our voices are heard. Where people can work to their maximum potential by offering equal opportunities for growth and fair pay. For us, it is about appreciating what is different in others and also what we have in common. We hire people who want to change things, disrupt the norm, who are naturally confident with a positive attitude. Our decisions respect all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, social or political belief, or world view.

Working With Us

“It’s the sense of belief in the product and what the vision of the company is and the practicality and ideology of that, but also the sense of community around the company is extraordinary and I love that.”

– Frances Howie – Design Director, Women’s Collections

“People have so much energy here. We often inspire each other because we are all here for the same reasons, we believe in the vision of the brand and the philosophy which underpins it. Everyone has a voice and an opinion here. We all work hard whilst having as much fun as possible which is really what makes it such an enjoyable place to be. It’s the most cool and innovate fashion company yet there is a deeper meaning to everything we do. It’s truly the best brand I’ve ever worked for.”

– Abigail Lerman – Chief People Officer

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